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Hi and welcome to our little patch on the interweb. Here, we hope to share some of what we have found to be interesting. We hope you find something here of interest.

About Us

This site is maintained by George and Susan Semeczko. We're doing it mainly to provide a single portal for our friends and family to see photos and get access to stuff that we've found on the web. Lately we've been extending this to providing more interesting content for a more general audience who maybe interesting in some of the things that we find interesting.


Content on this site is really made up of four things:

  • Books - books recently read of interest
  • Photos - mainly for family and friends and may at some stage be restricted
  • Interesting Links - this is very much a mish-mash of links to interesting sites and content on the web.
  • Research - this is a repository of old research papers of George's.

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