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This page has links to websites and apps that I think are worth checking out and general resources that are useful. If you find any dead links or issues please drop me a note at

Essential Apps 

The versions I use are mostly Apple centric but I do not think there are any here that are not found on most platforms. My links will take you to their web pages.

  • Evernote - its worth paying the money and getting the full capabilities of Evernote through a Premium subscription. Use this to store all you clips and digitaized documents. Well worth understanding how to use it with browsers, emailing to yourself and even scanning documents (either from your phone, ipad or document scanner).
  • Skype - Its a good collaboration tool as well as being able to use for a VOIP phone if you want to pay for it. Group chats are good and it stays in sync across multiple devices which is more than I can say for iMessage.
  • Audible - I travel a lot and often driving so listening to books is something I do a lot - is a great service.
  • Flipboard - I would not have normally recommending it, but they bought up Zite and that was my news aggregater so Flipboard is probably your best bet. You can even read the magazine that I put together of my own reads here.
  • iThoughts - This is Apple Centric I am sorry, but about the best mind map software I have ever come across. I use it on iPhone, iPads and Mac. Not only will it sync between them but will allow you to export in text, Word, Powerpoint and is just a great tool.

Interesting Blog Sites

  • - Lifehacker - "Computers make us more produuctive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live." - very compelling and strangely addictive.


  • - IEEE Computer Society - a worthy professioonal organisation
  • - ACM - Association of Computing Machinery -- also a worthy professional organisation
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